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Cape Town Vibes

People are chilled in Cape Town. Or 'super chilled' as many of them like to say. My long time Capetonian friend says the ratio of hipsters per capita here are higher than anywhere else in the world. Which means there's good coffee, which is always a good thing if you ask me.

What I love about Cape Town is the natural beauty and the fact that you don't have to work toooo hard to live a good life here. People work to live, not the other way round. They routinely spend time in nature: running on the promenade, hiking on Table Mountain (simply referred to as "the mountain" or open water swimming in the relatively freezing Atlantic Ocean.The Capetonian message is: Just chill and take advantage of your environment.

The Mountain

One of my favorite things to do in Cape Town is to take the train from Cape Town Station (nicely refurbished for the 2010 World Cup) all the way through the Southern Suburbs and along the little seaside towns of Muizenburg, St James, Kalk Bay, Fishoek, Glencairn and finally Simonstown, a short local taxi ride from the home of the African (formerly known as Jackass) Penguin at Boulder's Beach. The Penguins are a delight to watch as they preen their fellow mate-for-life and if you are brave enough to swim in the icy temperatures you can frolic with them between the beautiful prehistoric looking boulders.

Jackass...I mean African, Penguin

Many South Africans have sadly never ventured on to public transport (for middle class South Africans, cars are a way of life) but I would encourage any visitor to Cape Town, foreign or local to embrace this adventure. The train runs right next to the sea and is so much more scenic than a car journey. And with a round trip a mere R30 (about $3). Its the perfect way to just chill!

The train to Kalk Bay

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