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 About Our Wallpaper

We offer premium, artist-designed wallcoverings sustainably created and printed in the USA.



Our inaugural wallpaper collection, Afrobotanical, was born from founder Sylvia Lukach's love of the unique "fynbos" of her homeland, South Africa.  Our seasonal collection features cutting garden and floristry classics.  


While stuck at home with a toddler during Covid, Sylvia found herself searching for the perfect floral wallpaper to decorate her home and couldn't find something that truly represented her style.


So, like all good start-up stories she set about creating it based on what she wanted to see - light, contemporary designs using real flowers.



We capture the freshest flowers at the peak of their season, using floral design techniques to complement their natural form.


Our goal is to accentuate each stem’s inherent beauty with little to no alteration in post production. The result is a unique, natural looking design, distinct from other floral wallpaper designs available on the market today.

Capturing the freshest flowers at the peak of their season, each design is layered with images of real flowers - a blend of  "fynbos" & cutting garden classics.



Once photographed and artistically arranged, our designs are printed by specialist digital printing partners in Connecticut, USA, who share our holistic commitment to sustainability and limiting waste. 

All printing uses water-based latex inks and eco-friendly grounds.​

We have chosen to print on non woven fiber as our default ground due to its superior quality and visible texture, accentuating movement and vitality of flowers. We  also offer select designs in grasscloth, our most textured and premium ground.

Afrobotanical Collection

Afrobotanical is a made-up word, a marriage of African and Botanical themes, heavily textured, bold styles accentuating each featured stems’ unique qualities. Many of these designs feature Fynbos, a natural biome known for its lush shrubland & Meditteranean climate - an idyllic habitat for a range of diverse flora. 

Seasonal Collection

Representing the best of seasonal cutting garden clasics, from the first daffodils
of early Spring to the rambling roses of Summer. It reminds us of our Granny’s gardens and picking flowers with Mum and makes our hearts fill with emotion.


The flowers featured in the Seasonal Collection were grown either by our local flower farmer friends or in our own backyard. The roses were grown in the historic Lyndhurst rose garden, who kindly let us pick at the height of Summer. The sweet peas were grown at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. 

Our Inspiration

Before + After

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