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We connect people through floral experiences.

Colorful and full summer bridal bouquet
Geranium Wallpaper in a laundry room
Iconic colorful buildings in Cape Town South Africa

Our Philosophy



Derived from our South African origins, we keep our designs earthy, organic and lush.

We don't like to interfere with nature or add unnatural products to our designs.



We uphold sustainable practices across products and people. 

That means sourcing responsibly, re-using/recycling/composting and paying a living wage.



We are passionate about building community and connecting people to nature.

We support local flower farms in the growing season and  collaboration with local florists.


"Gardeners and florists are the happiest of all the professions ... nearly twice as happy as people in more prestigious and better paid jobs."

UK economist and behavioural scientist

Woman gardening and wearing a sun hat

How much do flowers cost?

We believe in full pricing transparency.

Most people planning a wedding are doing it for the first time and rightfully have no idea how much things cost.

That's why we created a simple tool to help you select preferred styles and quantities and get an instant cost estimate.

No need to submit your contact details unless you want to schedule a 1:1 consult with us.

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